Networked Storytelling

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Embedded into this post above is the storyboard from our Networked Storytelling assignment, the wireframe and the final product, the video. It certainly wasn’t easy to complete this assignment, but we split the work between our group members, Mwiche and Marina.

We decided the concept would be a split screen video heavily contrasting the life of a upper-class rich person versus a lower class poor person. We hashed out our ideas and wrote it on paper.

The next step was to write the storyboard. I handled the first draft of the storyboard, which proved to be a challenge but having had media experience in the past I grasped the idea pretty quickly. Marina ended up refining it as you can see above.

Next, we decided to split the filming. I did most of the “rich person” filming, with a bit of help. And Marina and Mwiche did all of the “poor person” filming.

The final step was to edit it, Mwiche did most of the editing with a little help from me. That proved to be challenging and took a decent 4 hours to finish.


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