Transmedia Project

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Embedded into this post is the video, physical element (pictures of the phone) and wireframe associated with the Transmedia assignment from our Making Networked Culture class.

This assignment proved to be a challenge considering this was our first assignment we had to do predominately alone.

My first task was to determine what a transmedia video was, after heavy research I concluded that a transmedia video has elements of other media forms in its final presentation; this usually forms a “treasure hunt” sort of narrative which makes the audience much more interactive to the finished product. This is also a ploy by producers and CEOs to plug books, web series, films, etc. of a series.

After I had researched it and concluded what it meant, my next task was to think of a plot for my project; I decided to do a “unreliable narrator” like plot, which means a narrative in which is confusing at first to the audience until the pieces are put together, which I thought would really fit the interactive treasure hunt idea I was going for. I also chose psychological thriller as the genre just because I enjoy it as a genre and I know the key elements to it. After all this, I drew up the wireframe and then it was on to filming.

The filming was a bit difficult considering I was on a time constraint and I had to use my iPhone 6, plus I couldn’t afford to find proper actors, I had to settle for asking my sister to act in our house. This proved difficult as I really wanted to make the narrative as serious as I possibly could. But, since we live together filming was no problem as we got it all done in two days.

Editing proved to be the biggest challenge, using iMovie on my iPhone. I had to research certain aspects of it because I had never used it as an app before. This took quite a while as I made many mistakes and it is difficult to edit a 4 minute video on a tiny screen with two fingers.

After that was done, the additional links to the video were easy to obtain. I wrote up a blog post, edited together a short video as the “twist” of the narrative, and took some photos.

Credit to the music:
“Black Vortex” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

“Day of Chaos” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

“Lost Frontier” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Horror Tension Build Sound Effect

Horror Movie Violin Sound Effect

Very Beautiful Piano Melody Song


Networked Storytelling

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Embedded into this post above is the storyboard from our Networked Storytelling assignment, the wireframe and the final product, the video. It certainly wasn’t easy to complete this assignment, but we split the work between our group members, Mwiche and Marina.

We decided the concept would be a split screen video heavily contrasting the life of a upper-class rich person versus a lower class poor person. We hashed out our ideas and wrote it on paper.

The next step was to write the storyboard. I handled the first draft of the storyboard, which proved to be a challenge but having had media experience in the past I grasped the idea pretty quickly. Marina ended up refining it as you can see above.

Next, we decided to split the filming. I did most of the “rich person” filming, with a bit of help. And Marina and Mwiche did all of the “poor person” filming.

The final step was to edit it, Mwiche did most of the editing with a little help from me. That proved to be challenging and took a decent 4 hours to finish.

Hypertext Essay

I have always been interested in music, whether it be classical legends such as Bach or more modern/contemporary EDM music such as Flosstradamus, shlohmo or Flying Lotus. I never really thought about producing music until recently, when I realized I have become more invested in learning about music production and I’ve been spending more of my time and money going to watch artists/DJs perform live.

I am always keeping an eye out for new artists/DJs who produce great tunes and I use that as an inspiration for dabbling in my own music production, it hasn’t gone very well but I feel with the right push and the right people I could make something out of it.

Artists such an RL Grime and shlohmo look for groups to join which give them a successful push, these two joined the WeDidIt Collective and they both produced some killer tunes and albums. RL Grime, for example, came out with his album VOID through WeDidIt records.

But one thing I have noticed that all DJs/Producers, whether they be new to the scene or are well-known, have a Soundcloud account in which they post their music. in turn, YouTube channels such as Mr. Revillz will hopefully post my songs in video form to their thousands of subscribers.

Another way I could get known for making music (at least in the Melbourne area) is volunteer for music festivals such as Beyond the Valley or Listen Out. In this article written by David Michael, he explicitly states that there are different archetypes of DJs, such as the resident club DJ, or the Radio DJ. I guess my first step would be figuring out what sort of DJ’ing I would want to do, which is the club DJ. Through my volunteering, I could hopefully secure a contact that would allow me to perform at said festivals.

Or I could also push for myself to DJ at certain clubs in Melbourne depending on the music I make, one for example is Cant Say. I have been there repeatedly and there seems to be a heavy focus on up-and-coming Melbourne DJs. If I wanted to do something like the electronic genre, I could push my efforts to guest DJ at New Guernica, yet another club enveloped in helping DJs get a push in the industry.

There are many various ways I could get a break and start being known in the industry. A friend of mine, who goes by the DJ alias Mimi is a resident DJ at CRXZY SXXY CXXL who had her break through said club, allowing her to be a resident DJ there. She currently has 1,631 likes on Facebook and is DJ’ing at an event later tonight, headlining main act Troyboi (which I am going to tonight).

So that was my thoughts for the night, but I think it all comes down to talent and my perseverance to get well-known, and of course if people enjoy my music.

First Post

Hello there non-existent audience.

I have been horribly sick so I haven’t been able to start up this blog for a while. (Sorry!)
But yeah, I will talk about uninteresting things like social issues, music, art and clubs.

You now know what you’re in for.

Thanks non-existent audience and my tutor for your time,